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Man charged with felony theft

Being arrested is a serious situation, not matter the allegations. Whether it is a person's first criminal charge or not, this is a serious situation that should be treated as such. The emotions and concerns surrounding the matter can be overwhelming, causing some to not take immediate or proactive measures; however, no matter the charges or the evidence used against the accused, it is possible to initiate a criminal defense action.

According to recent reports, a man from Mason City was charged with felony theft. Preliminary reports indicate that the 22-year-old male was accused of possessing stolen property prior to transferring that property to a friend. Authorities reported that this friend then attempted to pawn the property.

Felonies and risk of deportation for immigrants

For foreign nationals entering the U.S., they have many hopes and dreams. For many, they aspire to remain in the country, either as a permanent resident or obtain citizenship. No matter their plans to be in America, immigrants must comply with the requirements surrounding his or her status. Thus, if an immigrant fails to uphold these, by committing a criminal act, he or she could be at risk for deportation.

When an immigrant is in the U.S. on a green card or a visa, the last thing he or she wants to do is commit a felony. When an immigrant faces a felony charge, there is a greater chance that immigration officials could deport or downgrade his or her status. Even more so, a non-felony charge could have significant impact and can depend on the current status of the accused.

What is an illegal search and seizure?

When law enforcement suspects that a crime is being committed, evidence is needed to prove such suspicions. In some cases, these might be observations; however, in most cases, a search will need to be conducted to prove one or more elements of a crime. When a search is conducted, though, there are standards are rules that need to be followed.

What is an illegal search and seizure? To begin, it is important to understand when an investigation can turn into a search. First, one must ask whether the person whose home or property are being investigated or searched expect a certain degree of privacy. Next, one must act if this expectation of privacy is reasonable. If the answers to these two questions are yes, then a search is being conducted. If an investigation has impinged or intruded a person's legitimate expectation of privacy, then a search is being conducted.

Helping you develop a strong criminal defense

It is a difficult situation to be in, being accused of a serious criminal allegation. It is overwhelming and emotional for the accused, casing them to be unsure how to move forward. While it may seem like the state has piled up evidence against you, the reality is that not all of this evidence will stick. It is possible to poke holes in the case, helping the accused clear their name.

Initiating a criminal defense can be challenging, but it is a vital step to take. By understanding the process better, defendants are able to take the necessary steps. At J Dean Keegan, Thomas D.S. Farnsworth & Eric D. Tindal, Attorneys at law, our law firm takes the time to ensure our clients fully understand their matter and are aware of their defense options.

OWI penalties in Iowa

Like every other state, Iowa has tough laws against drunk driving. In fact, when drivers are accused of operating while intoxicated, or an "OWI," they could endure harsh penalties. These penalties increase if the motorists have past OWI convictions on their record. Because of this, it is vital to understand the repercussions of an OWI conviction and what defense options are available to potentially reduce or dismiss their charges.

In Iowa, those convicted of their first OWI will likely be required to serve at least 48 hours in jail and could face a fine up to $1,500. It is possible, however, that the judge could reduce this in half if there was no bodily injury or property damage in the matter. But, if a motorist is convicted of a second offense, the penalties are more severe. A second OWI could result in seven days to two years in prison, depending on the details of the offense.

What are dram shop laws and how do they apply in a DUI?

It isn't uncommon to go out and have a few drinks. However, this lawful act for those of age could become problematic if he or she has had too many. Getting behind the heel of a vehicle after consuming too much alcohol is not only negligent but it is also dangerous. It is an action that could result in serious accident. Those caught drinking and driving could face serious penalties. Additionally, if it is determined that another party is responsible for the driver's intoxication, that third party could also face liability as well.

Many are aware that liability is placed on a driver for getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated; however, there are some third parties that could also face liability if they played a role in the driver's intoxication or knowingly allowed them to get behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Driver with 3 felony warrants faces 8 additional felonies

Traffic stops are often viewed as inconvenient, if nothing else. No one likes to get pulled over; however, even if a citation is issued, this is minor compared to other criminal charges. Nonetheless, motorists should be aware that something that starts out like a simple traffic stop could turn into a serious criminal matter.

This is what happened recently with an Iowa man in Spencer. Based on preliminary reports, police attempted to make a traffic stop during the early morning hours. Officers supposedly observed a vehicle driving erratically, when they attempted to pull the driver over, the motorist did not stop and led authorities on a pursuit.

Using self-defense as a defense strategy

Most people think of others as being generally good people. While this can be true, the reality is that even the kindest individuals are capable of doing bad things. Violence against another person is a serious situation and a serious allegation that could result in a person facing harsh criminal consequences. Because of this, it is vital to understand what defense options may be available in order to reduce charges or avoid conviction.

Just like there are reasons to not harm another person, there are also reasons to harm another. Although it may not seem clear right away, it is possible to defend against assault or battery charges by asserting that he or she was exercising their rights to defend themselves.

What is the definition of assault in the state of Iowa?

Getting into an altercation is not an ideal situation. However, individuals in Iowa and other states could find themselves in this predicament. Because this can be a hostile and even dangerous situation, this could result in law enforcement being called. If a person is arrested following an altercation, he or she could be charged with an assault. In these matters, it is important to understand the definition of this crime, what evidence has been collected and how this information could be used to assert a defense against these allegations.

What is the definition of assault in the state of Iowa? A person commits an assault when he or she, without justification, does any act that is intended to cause pain or injury or result in physical contact that is insulting or offensive to another person and that person has the apparent ability to execute the act.

Drunk drivers cause accidents and fatalities in Florida

A drunk driving accident can result in significant damage and hardship in the life of a victim. That individual may have to suffer through years of recovery in order to mend their injuries and overcome their fears of being involved in a life-altering crash. For others, surviving a drunk driving accident may not be a guarantee. Fatalities from drunk driving crashes in Florida are both devastating and common.

According to data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 8,500 people died in drunk driving accidents in Florida between 2003 and 2012. That means that around 850 people lost their lives to drunk drivers in each of the noted years or more than two people per day perished in alcohol-related crashes over the 10-year period.

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