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What are the defenses for drug possession charges?

Being accused of a crime is a difficult situation for Iowa residents to be in. Accusations alone have the ability to harm a person's reputation, thus, it is important to take the matter seriously. This means understanding the charges they face, the penalties that could result and the defense strategies that are available.

Iowa man trying to deposit an odd bill charged with drug crime

Individuals in Iowa and elsewhere might find themselves in odd or difficult situations, resulting in the authorities having some suspicions. When in such a predicament, it can be challenging for individuals to respond properly because he or she fears it could make matters worse. Nonetheless, certain rights are afforded to those accused of a crime, helping them assert a defense and protect their rights in the matter.

Helping you aggressively defend against drug crimes

Drug crimes can range from minor to major offenses, but regardless of the level of severity of the offense it is imperative that defendants become fully aware of their rights and options. Taking the right measures when initiating a defense could significantly impact the future and even freedom of the accused. Taking the time to understand the situation and what defense options are available can be the best way to aggressively defend against drug charges.

Understanding what is considered a controlled substance

When it comes to drug crimes, the type of drug as well as the quality of the supposed drug could greatly impact the penalties a defendant could face. Thus, it is imperative that Iowa residents become fully aware of the charges against them and what criminal defense options they have.

What is possession with the intent to distribute?

Being caught with drugs in your possession is not a good predicament to find yourself in. However, such a troubling matter doesn't always mean that an individual will be convicted of a drug crime. It does, nonetheless, likely mean that the individual will be faced with drug charges. The severity of the charge is dependent on the type of drug authorities found the accused in possession of, and how much of the drug is in that person's possession. If the quantity is high enough, the accused could face allegations of the intent to distribute that drug.

Iowa man arrested on multiple drug charges after search of home

Whether you have a criminal history or not, being accused of a drug crime is a serious situation. Depending on the type of drug and the quantity the defendant was allegedly in possession of, this could result in harsh penalties with long-term consequences. In some cases, an individual could face multiple counts in a single arrest, making it a very serious and complex matter. This is what recently occurred to an Iowa man.

Is there a test to detect marijuana in a driver's blood?

Iowa's operating while intoxicated law prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, including marijuana. In drunk driving cases, police use breath, blood or urine tests to determine a person's blood alcohol concentration. But is there a test to detect the presence of marijuana in a person's blood?

Drug trafficking charges call for an aggressive defense strategy

Most people in Iowa know that there is a world of difference between being charged with simple possession of illegal drugs and being charged with drug trafficking. A drug possession charge can often result in a negotiated plea agreement with the defendant receiving probation or being steered into a drug diversion program. A trafficking charge, on the other hand, can result in years in prison if the defendant is convicted.

How can an Iowa resident fight federal drug trafficking charges?

Federal and state drug trafficking charges carry very serious penalties if an individual is convicted. The severity of the punishment will depend on a number of factors, including the type and quantity of drugs seized. A conviction in federal court of drug trafficking can result in a lengthy prison sentence - up to and including life in prison. Iowa also has its own set of drug laws, and a conviction in state court can carry similar severe penalties.

Iowa City man faces felony drug charges after search of home

In Iowa, a conviction on drug trafficking charges can result in a stiff sentence. Judges and prosecutors will often show some leniency to those arrested for simple drug possession, but rarely for those charged with drug distribution. Fortunately, anyone accused of a drug offense has the right to fight the charges in court.

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