Defending Your Rights If You Are Facing Charges For Felony OWI/DUI

While all drunk driving charges carry serious consequences, felony OWI/DUI charges can have a lifelong impact on not only your record but also your reputation. This is not a charge you want to handle alone.

At J. Dean Keegan, Eric D. Tindal & Andrea Mason Attorneys At Law, our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI). Our attorneys have the aggressive trial skills to protect your rights against the serious penalties of an OWI/DUI.

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Felony OWI/DUI Resulting From Multiple Drunk Driving Charges

In Iowa, a person charged with his or her third OWI/DUI offense within 12 years faces felony OWI/DUI charges. Felony offenses often have mandatory consequences such as prison time and license revocation, in addition to other consequences like higher insurance premiums and limitations on gun ownership as a convicted felon. Thus, having skilled defense is crucial to protecting your short- and long-term interests.

Our experienced OWI/DUI lawyers know how high the stakes are for you. J. Dean Keegan has extensive experience challenging the issues of OWI/DUI offenses in court. Our firm reviews police reports, breath test results, squad car or booking video surveillance and other evidence to develop strategic OWI/DUI defenses unique to your situation.

Other Felony Charges Involving Drunk Driving

Causing an accident or other aggravating factors could also lead to a felony charge. We have defended many clients who were charged with vehicular homicide and OWI/DUI at the same time. Prosecutors treat vehicular homicide cases seriously, so even if you have never been convicted of a drunk driving offense before, you could still face 25 years in prison.

Our attorneys have a reputation for providing superior defense in complex cases such as vehicular homicide or multiple OWI/DUI charges. Our successful track record of results speaks to the skill and diligence we employ in each and every case.

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