Iowa OWI/DUI Penalties

In Iowa, a person's first and second convictions for OWI/DUI are misdemeanors, while a third conviction within 12 years is a felony. Because penalties escalate with each subsequent offense, it is important to obtain skilled legal representation the first time you are charged with an alcohol-related offense. An experienced OWI/DUI defense lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain, minimize your penalties or get the charges dropped in some situations.

Attorney J. Dean Keegan is a former probation officer and chemical dependency counselor who understands how OWI/DUI penalties affect clients' lives.

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Penalties For First Iowa OWI Offense

The first time you are convicted of OWI/DUI, you face a minimum of 48 hours in jail with a possible maximum sentence of one year. Fines could reach $1,250. The court may also require a substance abuse evaluation and treatment program, community service and a driver's education course.

Your license may be revoked for 180 days, though you may be able to apply for a restricted license. If your BAC was above .10 at the time of arrest, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. If your BAC was above .15, you must wait 30 days before obtaining a restricted license.

Therefore, it is important that you challenge the loss of your license within 10 days of revocation. Mr. Keegan can keep you driving pending the appeal.

Penalties For Second Iowa OWI Offense

If you are convicted of OWI/DUI for a second time, you face seven days in jail and up to two years in prison. Fines could total several thousand dollars and your license will be revoked for two years. Other penalties the court may order include vehicle impoundment, substance abuse evaluation and treatment, community service and a driver's education course.

Furthermore, you may be forced to wait a full year before you are eligible for a restricted license and an ignition interlock device. For this reason, it's important to challenge your arrest and license revocation — something Mr. Keegan can help you with so that you can keep driving while your case is pending.

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