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How reliable are field sobriety tests?

The consequences of an operating while intoxicated conviction in Iowa are serious. Even a first-time OWI can result in driver's license suspension, significant fines and a jail sentence. Given the severe penalties it may make sense to challenge the prosecution's evidence of intoxication whenever possible.

Police must have reasonable suspicion to stop a driver for OWI

Law enforcement officers in Iowa cannot just randomly pull a vehicle over to check whether the driver may be driving while intoxicated. The U.S. Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, places limits on the authority of police to stop and question individuals. The Supreme Court has ruled that an officer must have a reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed before stopping an individual to question them. This rule applies whether the officer stops a pedestrian on a sidewalk or pulls a vehicle over on the highway.

Taking action against drunk driving charges in Iowa City

People who have recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated often go through something similar to the five stages of grief. They may start off in denial, unable to process the situation and the potential consequences. They will often also experience anger, and become angry at the police who arrested them, angry for the friends they were with when the incident happened, and even angry at the universe for allowing them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ways to avoid losing a driver's license after multiple tickets

People in Iowa who have been hit with a serious traffic ticket, or several infractions over a short span of time, or are accused of a serious crime related to driving may be facing the possibility of losing their driver's license. But it may not be inevitable, so they should take the time to explore their options. To do this, they should think about calling an experienced Iowa defense attorney who can explain some of the options available to them, regardless of whether they may have made mistakes.

Drunk driving can lead to vehicular homicide charges

People in Iowa know that, unfortunately, drunk driving happens. Whether it's because a person doesn't realize how much they've had to drink, they don't feel like waiting and paying for a cab, or if they flat-out choose to risk not getting caught even though they know they've had too much to drink, drunk driving happens. Of course, none of these reasons are an excuse to drive drunk, just ask anyone who has ever been charged with OWI.

The many consequences of an OWI conviction in Iowa

Getting convicted for a drunk driving offense in Iowa can lead to a lot of complications for a person. Losing your driver's license is more than a minor inconvenience for most Iowa residents. In addition, a conviction can lead to jail time and large fines. If you have been arrested on an OWI charge, an Iowa OWI defense attorney can help.

Attorneys who know the tricks that cops use in OWI

OWI and OUI are among the most common reasons why otherwise law-abiding people get arrested in Iowa. It's so easy to have a couple of drinks earlier in the night, and then forget about it by the time you get behind the wheel later in the evening. While the effects may have worn off, the blood-alcohol content can tell a different story to the police, which is why people are arrested for OWI even if they feel absolutely normal.

An overview of OWI laws in Iowa

People in Iowa know that drunk driving charges can be serious business, but not everyone knows exactly what it means to be considered a drunk driver under Iowa state law. Drunk driving, or OWI, which stands for "operating while intoxicated", is defined in three ways. A person commits OWI when they do any of the following: 1) operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs or any combination thereof, 2) operating a motor vehicle while having a BAC of .08 or more, or 3) operating a motor vehicle while having any controlled substance in a person's body.

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