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What is "mens rea" in a criminal defense?

In order to be convicted of a crime you are suspected of committing, specific elements related to that crime must be proven. This can be confusing for some defendants in Iowa, however, understanding this can help tremendously with a criminal defense. The prosecution will not only look at the actions completed or initiated by a defendant, but also evidence that could help depict what was going on in the suspected offender's mind at the time of the crime.

Iowa man faces charges after allegedly breaking into apartment

Even when an act appears to be simple or innocent, individuals could face serious criminal charges. This is especially true when a person has past convictions of the same crime. This could elevate the potential penalties, causing it to even become a felony offense. Therefore, it is important to be fully aware of these situations and what defense options are available.

What criminal defense options are available in Iowa?

Being accused of a crime is a difficult predicament to be in. It's not only tough to process, but many individuals in Iowa and elsewhere find it challenging to move forward. No matter the type or severity of crime a person is accused of, it is important to understand that each and every defendant is afforded the right to assert a defense. This not only protects the defendant's rights, but also provides them with the opportunity to reduce or dismiss the criminal charges against them.

Former Bachelor star arrested following fatal Iowa crash

Being involved in a car accident is often a scary and overwhelming experience. While many victims are worried about the condition of those involved, others are more concerned about what could happen if it is determined that they caused the crash. In some cases, the nerves of the driver get the best of them, causing them to leave the scene. However, leaving the scene of an accident could result in serious consequences, even criminal charges.

What is an illegal search and seizure?

Being accused of a crime is a serious situation for residents in Iowa and elsewhere. While it might seem to the defendant that they have little to no wiggle room when it comes to asserting a defense because the police and the state have collected much evidence against them, it is important to understand that all evidence is not credible. If evidence was not properly collected, there are options available for defendants to suppress that evidence being used against them.

Understanding the criminal defense strategies available to you

Being accused of a crime is a difficult predicament to be in. No matter the severity of the crime or if it is the first criminal allegation an individual is facing, it is paramount to understand the penalties and consequences one could face if convicted. Thus, defendants in Iowa and elsewhere should take the time to understand his or her situation, what rights are afforded to them and what options are available.

When is evidence of prior crimes admissible in Iowa courts?

It is fairly common for a person facing criminal charges in Iowa to have prior criminal convictions. If the defendant is ultimately convicted of the charges they are currently facing, those prior convictions can result in an increased sentence. But can those prior crimes be introduced at the trial, as evidence of defendant's guilt in the case presently before the court?

Cedar Rapids woman faces vehicular homicide charge

A 21-year-old Cedar Rapids woman is facing a very serious criminal charge arising out of a fatal car accident that occurred a year ago on Interstate 80 in the Coralville area. The woman has been charged with vehicular homicide by reckless driving, a Class C felony. If convicted, the woman faces up to 10 years in a state prison.

What is the law of self-defense in Iowa?

Defendants who are facing assault or homicide charges in Iowa can sometimes argue successfully that they acted in self-defense. According to Iowa law, a person is justified in responding with reasonable force when they have a reasonable belief that doing so is necessary to defend themselves, or another person, from an immediate threat of unlawful force. This rule contains two main limitations on the use of force to defend oneself: the threat one is facing must be immediate, and the force used in response must be reasonable.

Deferred judgment can provide a second chance for Iowa defendants

Facing criminal charges and the possible long-term consequences of a conviction can be deeply troubling, especially for people who have had little or no contact with the criminal justice system in the past. Fortunately, Iowa judges have some discretion in sentencing, and not every conviction means a prison sentence. In some circumstances a defendant will be eligible for some form of alternative sentencing, and thus avoid incarceration.

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