Making Sure Criminal Charges Don't Derail a College Career

Iowa is home to a number of well-respected colleges and universities. Students from all over the country and around the world come here for the educational opportunities that are available. College is a time of self-discovery for most students; however, it is unfortunately a time where they also make mistakes.

When a mistake or poor judgment lands a college student in the back seat of a police car, he or she needs a criminal defense strategy that focuses not just on fighting the charges, but on maintaining his or her college career. The long-term consequences of an arrest for a college student can be severe. A criminal conviction can result in suspension or expulsion from the school, and a conviction on drug charges can result in the loss of federal student aid.

Many arrests of college students are for alcohol and drug charges, including drunk driving, underage consumption and drug possession or distribution. Other charges often faced by college students include sale or possession of fake IDs, assault and sex offenses including "date rape." A conviction on any of these charges could result in serious academic penalties, in addition to the fines and potential jail time imposed by the criminal justice system.

With so much at stake, our law firm understands the unique concerns of college students in a criminal case. Over the years, attorney J. Dean Keegan have represented numerous college students in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and throughout Eastern Iowa. Our skilled legal team works with school administrators, and helped maintain financial aid and enrollment status for past clients.

For more on how our law firm can help college students facing criminal charges, please visit our Criminal defense website. This could provide general information, helping defendants initiate a strong criminal defense.

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