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Vehicular Homicide Lawyer in Iowa City

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"Homicide or serious injury by vehicle" is the use of a car or other motor vehicle to cause the death of another person. Individuals charged with vehicular homicide have a tough battle ahead. If convicted, they may face large fines, mandatory sentences, license revocation and other hardships. The Iowa City and Cedar Rapids vehicular homicide defense lawyers at Keegan, Tindal & Jaeger can help you fight against the serious charges you face. Since 1992, our law firm has provided aggressive defense that gets results.

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Vehicular Homicide Caused by Drunk Driving

In Iowa, if a person unintentionally causes someone else's death while driving drunk, he or she can be charged with vehicular homicide. Vehicular homicide is a Class B felony which carries a mandatory prison sentence of 25 years and license revocation for six years. The only way to beat these consequences is to beat the charges.

Our vehicular homicide defense lawyers have extensive experience defending clients involved in alcohol-related traffic offenses. Attorney J. Dean Keegan has made a name for himself in DUI defense, from drafting Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) legislation to presenting at several conferences on OWI. He works quickly to counteract the prosecution's tactics.

Vehicular Homicide Caused by Reckless Driving

A fatal accident caused by reckless driving is a Class C felony. Under Iowa law, reckless driving means "driving a car or other motor vehicle with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property." If you have been charged with this offense, you may face large fines and up to 10 years in prison. Our attorneys are here to defend you against these charges and fight for a reduction in your sentence or dismissal of your charges.

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SUCCESSFUL results for our clients

Protecting Your Freedom & Rights
  • Operating While Intoxicated Charges Dismissed

    Linn County OWCR133760. Attorney Eric Tindal's client was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated. Mr. Tindal had all charges dismissed following a successful suppression hearing regarding the grounds for the stop.

  • Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana and Methamphetamine Charges Dismissed

    Washington Count FECR5351. Attorney Tindal and Attorney Clemens Erdahl successfully argued that evidence of drug manufacture was obtained in violation of the Constitution. All charges were dismissed.

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute Charges Dismissed

    Iowa County FECR010358. Attorney Tindal was able to show the Court that his client was detained in violation of his Constitutional rights and that the K9 utilized in the search was unreliable. Following hearing all charges were dismissed.

  • Second Degree Sexual Abuse and Other Charges Acquittal at Trial

    Johnson County FECR089277. The Defendant was charged with Second Degree Sexual Abuse and other charges. Following a one-week trial by Mr. Tindal, the Defendant was acquitted of all charges.

  • Sexual Abuse in the 2nd Degree Conviction Reversed on Appeal

    Iowa Supreme Court No. 04-361. The Defendant was convicted of Sexual Abuse in the 2nd Degree. On appeal, Mr. Tindal successfully argued that the conviction was based on improperly admitted evidence. The conviction was reversed.

  • Trafficking Stolen Weapons and Misdemeanor Theft Charge Dismissed

    Scott County FECR384046. The Defendant was charged with Trafficking Stolen Weapons and Misdemeanor Theft. The Court dismissed the felony following a Motion litigated by Mr. Tindal. The Defendant subsequently pled to the remaining misdemeanor.

  • Vehicular Homicide Charges Reduced

    Johnson County FECR68296. The Defendant was charged with Vehicular Homicide. Following a suppression hearing, Mr. Tindal and his co-counsel were able to show that the blood test result was taken in violation of implied consent procedures. The case was subsequently resolved for a misdemeanor.

  • First Degree Murder and Child Endangerment Causing Death Acquitted of First Degree Murder at Trial

    Henry County FECR005634. Attorney Tindal’s client was charged with First Degree Murder and Child Endangerment Causing Death. Following a two week trial, the Defendant was acquitted of all charges.

  • Operating While Intoxicated Reduced to Public Intoxication

    Johnson County OWCR116811. The Defendant was charged with Operating While Intoxicated. Mr. Tindal was able to win the Iowa Dept of Transportation appeal and have the blood test result thrown out. The case was resolved for a public intoxication charge and no loss of license.

  • Operating While Intoxicated Second Offense Reduced to Public Intoxication

    Washington County OWIN010946. The Defendant was charged with Operating While Intoxicated Second Offense. Following long negotiations with the State the Defendant was able to plead to a Public Intoxication and have his driving privileges reinstated.


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