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"I am glad he was there to get my head out of the guillotine when I needed him and keep my record clean."

I was stopped for an OWI. Dean took things as far as he could with the appeals process, finding every way possible to keep me driving in the meantime (which I needed to do for my job). Dean argued the reason for pulling me over was not substantial enough to justify a stop, and we eventually won. Though I certainly do not plan to have to use Dean's services again, I am glad he was there to get my head out of the guillotine when I needed him and keep my record clean. The office staff, Jasmine and Hayley, were also pleasant to work with.

      "He was professional, knowledgeable and prompt. He was very effective in his communication."

      He showed genuine concern with my matters. He described a plan of action. His information and demeanor were very reassuring. After the Hire: He was professional, knowledgeable and prompt. He was very effective in his communication. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

      "Attentive and a Standup Guy"

      I needed an attorney with deep experience in federal cases. Eric was recommended to me by an immigration lawyer in Iowa City I had hired in the past to help my wife obtain her green card. I was impressed with Eric after doing some research on his bonafides, and even more impressed with his attentiveness and straightforward approach during our consultations, which I found quite helpful. And although I ultimately needed to hire a lawyer closer to home (Dubuque), Eric's genuine understanding and gentlemanly attitude made the transition much easier for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer experienced at both the state and federal levels in and around Iowa City.

      "This is the guy you want!"

      Eric is the whole package. He will fight relentlessly for you, all the while using tact and professionalism. Eric always respected my best interests and kept them his top priority. He is incredibly knowledgeable, not to mention talented. "Hats off" to you, Eric. Thank you!

      "No matter the “level” of your legal issue - I wouldn’t want to be facing it without Eric Tindal in your corner"

      I’m struggling to write this review because it’s truly impossible to find the right words - that properly describe how much I appreciate Eric Tindal, his legal skills, and the effort he put forth for me while I was his client. I personally feel like I owe my life and my freedom to him.
      Several years ago, I was falsely accused of a major felony. If convicted, I would have had to spend over 25 years in prison. And, because it was the type of crime where you’re considered guilty until proven innocent, I couldn’t find an attorney that was truly interested in fighting for me.
      It took over five years to get to trial and I went through 3 attorneys before finally finding an attorney that was willing to fight for my cause and do the work that was required to prove my innocence.
      By sheer luck, Eric was appointed to my case and it was like winning the lottery. Even though Eric was appointed by the court, his dedication to my case was unlike anything I had experienced with my prior attorneys. He paid attention to every detail and meticulously put together a case that would eventually lead to my acquittal at trial.
      Through my “experience” with the courts, I learned that there are three primary phases – pretrial, trial prep, and the trial itself. If you do actually have to go to trial, Eric’s presence in court is excellent. Having an attorney that presents himself well in court is invaluable.
      During the five years I was waiting to resolve my issues, I went to the courthouse and sat in on numerous trials (something Eric suggested). I also watched a lot of real court TV during that time. And, in my opinion, Eric’s trial presence is one of the best I’ve ever seen – it’s certainly better than anyone I witnessed in the Johnson County courthouse.
      Even though Eric has excellent trial skills, it’s really his pretrial and trial prep skills that set him apart from other attorneys. Finding competent expert witnesses, properly selecting the jury, making sure prejudicial “evidence” doesn’t get presented during trial, determining what evidence is relevant for trial, preparing you for your testimony, preparing witnesses for their testimony - these are just a few of the things that are crucial to being successful at trial – Eric excels at all aspects of the pretrial process and if your attorney doesn’t do a good job during this phase of the process, it won’t matter how good they are during the actual trial.
      In addition to Eric’s skills as an attorney, it should also be important to know that Eric always conducts himself with a very high degree of professionalism and integrity. The level of integrity that he displays throughout the entire process is probably why he’s consistently so successful in court.
      Bottom line - Eric’s dedication to his clients and their cause is unmatched by any attorney I’ve ever met. His knowledge of the law and his dedication to the pre-trial process, trial preparation, jury selection, and the trial process itself is exceptional.

      No matter the “level” of your legal issue - I wouldn’t want to be facing it without him in your corner and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in court without Eric Tindal.

      "Sincerely care about his clients!"

      Back in 2007 i got into some legal issues in Oskaloosa Iowa and was referred to Eric Tindal as a result. I was amazed with Eric's professionalism and dedication to my case. As an international student at the time he did not have all the answers regarding my eligibility to return to the U.S with my plea deal but he contacted an immigration friend and worked a deal for my best interest. I was able to return and finished school and now living a great life as a result. Don't know where I would be if I didn't hire a sensible lawyer that truly cared about my well being and who saw that I was a good kid just caught up in the wrong environment. Thanks Eric!

      "Great Lawyer"

      I hired Eric Tindal for some legal trouble I got into and get did a great job and had everything done within a matter of months of the charge. He worked with me on payment options and was very informative about how everything was going to happen. I definitely would recommend him.

      "Excellant OWI Attorney"

      I would highly recommend Eric Tindal as we hired him for our sons OWI charge. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the laws and was great about keeping us informed about what was going on at all times.

      "Personal injury"

      I got hurt at work, moving a vehicle as told to by my boss. Broken leg later I was it off a job. After 2 consultations with Eric, not only was I able to get my job back I also received compensation! Never charged me a dime but gave me solid advice. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks Eric


      Eric is a great attorney who is knowledgeable and will take the time to explore and explain the issues in your case. I'd feel very comfortable having him represent me any time.

      "Great Lawyer"

      Eric represented by son who lives out of state. Eric handled all the court appearances and kept us abreast of what was going on via e-mail. He quickly responded to my emails. He explained the court process to us. I would highly recommend using him.

      "Eric helped give me my life back"

      I was charged with two felonies that carried a life sentence. After sitting in jail for a year with public defenders just going through the motions, I asked the judge to appoint new counsel. Eric was one of the attorneys who was appointed. He was professional and had a refreshing no-nonsense approach. He was available, answered every question I had, and made me feel hopeful for the first time in a year. Eric's trial defense was tenacious and his medical background is invaluable. I was acquitted of all charges and given my life back. Every year I send him a card as a reminder that I've never forgotten his hard work and dedication. I owe my life and liberty to him.

      J Ainsworth, IA
      "I am thankful for her representation."

      I was very fortunate to have been represented by Andrea Jaeger. She is knowledgeable, reliable, and professional. Her expertise was more than what I could have asked for and I am grateful to have had such strong representation in my case. As a law enforcement officer, any investigation, whether unfounded or not, can be a stressful experience. Andrea did a great job putting me at ease and making sure I was involved every step of the way. She answered phone calls immediately, kept me informed of next steps, and had a confidence which inspired a feeling of surety during an experience I was unfamiliar with. Andrea was genuine and her level of involvement in my case was above and beyond expectation. I am thankful for her representation.

      "Our family feels very fortunate to have had Andrea Jaeger as our advocate."

      We became acquainted with Andrea Jaeger when she was assigned to our son's federal case several years ago. Certainly, when someone is court-appointed on your behalf, you simply never know what kind of person you will receive - how hard will they work for YOU? Please know that with Andrea in our corner, this has NEVER been an issue! From the very beginning, we felt that she did not view this as "just another case" to be handled: but rather, Andrea expressed a desire to get to KNOW our son, his background, and the particulars of his situation. She always made herself available for consultation and advice; and in the courtroom, she represented our son earnestly and professionally. As far as we are concerned, there is no question that things could have turned out very differently for our son without Andrea's help and support. We are truly thankful for all of her efforts on our behalf - and our family feels very fortunate to have had Andrea Jaeger as our advocate.

      David and Jan
      "My family and friends appreciate all you have done. Thank you."

      Thank you, Andrea and Eric. You both did a great job and got me the best results possible in my situation. I would recommend your service to any in need of counsel and I am still amazed in the way things turned out.  I would give it a 9 out of 10 and would like to thank both of you again. Thank you. My family and friends appreciate all you have done. Thank you.

      "I encourage people all around the world to hire Andrea Jaeger."

      Hello, world! To whom it may concern, my name is Demario. I’m now a 40-year young man. Throughout my early stage of life, I stayed in trouble with law enforcement; nothing major, just the typical things a young man does in those early years of life. But, make a long story short I stayed into something, but unfortunately, me or my family could never afford an attorney. When I caught my federal case, I again I could not afford an attorney and dealing with the federal government I knew I needed someone to fight for me. So my first attorney visit, I was in a waiting room waiting for him to arrive, but Andrea walked in and I stood to shake her hand and she told me she was here to represent me on my case. Usually, I get a feeling right away that I’m doomed, but when she told me she’s an attorney at law and she took my case voluntarily, I looked her in the eyes and could see that this woman was very sincere and in her heart, my case was in her best of interest. For the record, I wanted to go to trial, but after Andrea did research over my case, she informed me that it would not be a good idea but she would go all the way with me and would fight my case to the best of her ability. But, I was facing a life sentence and after numerous amounts of visits from her, I decided to take the plea for 15.5 years, which was still a long journey. But, this woman has been with me through this struggle and it’s almost six years later, I could call or email her anytime for advice. She keeps me in good spirits, she was really God sent. Andrea is a woman of inspiration. Andrea is not going to tell you it don’t snow in Chicago. Andrea is the definition of truth and good-hearted; she’s going to be real with you, if you can’t win, she’s going to tell you but she will still fight your case like she knows you can win until she loses and after that, she keeps shooting. She has the prosecutor lost for words, I’ve seen this on many of my court dates. Now, to sum it all up, I’m back in court and soon will be a free man with the help of Ms. Jaeger. I will forever feel in debt to her. I even offered to pay her money with my family income tax check, but she refused. She told me no thanks and that it’s not about the money. So right then I knew Ms. Jaeger takes her job very seriously. And I encourage people all around the world to hire Andrea Jaeger if you’re in need of an attorney. P.S., to be honest, if she ever ran I would be the first one to promote and vote for Ms. Jaeger to become the next Congresswoman because if we had more loving and caring people of her nature in office, we would be able to change some of these unjust laws into justice. Food for thought!

      "Andrea Jaeger is the best defense attorney in the world."

      Andrea Jaeger is the best defense attorney in the world. She gets the job done for her clients. She goes hard for the best results. She would always be my first choice of defense. She is very professional, exact, and on point.

      "I’m very grateful as well as appreciative for you representing me."

      My name is Charles A. W. and I was represented by Andrea D. Jaeger of the law firm Keegan, Tindal, & Jaeger. And I must say that Andrea’s a very confident, charismatic woman in the courtroom. Her poise was always on point and she never wavered, any and everything that transpired in or out of the courtroom I was made aware of, promptly and professionally always. From the beginning of my indictment all the way until my sentencing, Andrea made me feel calm, comfortable, and most of all content!! Please keep up the great work, Andrea, and I’m very grateful as well as appreciative for you representing me. (Thank you very much.)

      Charles W.