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The law offices of J. Dean Keegan, Eric D. Tindal & Andrea Mason Attorneys At Law focus on felony and misdemeanor criminal defense. Since 1992, attorney J. Dean Keegan has been providing aggressive criminal defense that gets results. Attorney Eric Tindal uses his experience at the Johnson County Prosecutor's Office and the Department of Corrections to protect his clients' rights. Together, the attorneys have the experience and dedication to make a difference in your case.

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If you have been charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated ( OWI/DUI), a drug offense or another crime, navigating the legal system can be overwhelming. We can help you understand the process and prepare an aggressive defense.

We take a special interest in defending people accused of driving offenses, including vehicular homicide. We are aware of how losing your license affects your daily life. We frequently help our clients challenge driver's license sanctions — including commercial drivers' license (CDL) disqualifications — and assist them in reinstating their driving privileges and obtaining work permits.

Experience Matters

Iowa City criminal lawyers J. Dean Keegan and Eric Tindal understand drug charges and alcohol-related offenses from the inside out. Mr. Keegan is a former probation officer who has dedicated himself to understanding the science behind the prosecutor's tools, like breath-testing machines.

Representing Students And Out-Of-State Residents

Out-of-state college students and visitors face unique challenges when charged with a criminal offense in Iowa. Our lawyers have experience working with out-of-state clients and can explain how charges in Iowa may affect you at home as well as help you avoid making unnecessary trips to Iowa while defending the charge.

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Our attorneys offer free initial consultations scheduled at your convenience. During our meeting, we will help you understand the nature of the charges against you, discuss the circumstances of your situation and provide you with an evaluation of your case based on our years of experience.

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