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Aggressive Defense against Charges in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Scott County & All of Eastern Iowa

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a sex crime, you need a team of skilled criminal defense attorneys who can act quickly and aggressively on your behalf. This can be beneficial in helping you to avoid penalties, such as fines and imprisonment, and keep the charge from staining your record.

At Keegan, Tindal & Mason, we understand the seriousness of a sex crime allegation and can help you build an effective defense. With over 53 years of combined experience, our Iowa City sex crime attorneys are well-equipped to defend against the most severe charges.

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Defending against Sex Crime Charges in Iowa City

Being accused of any crime can be a terrifying experience. When the allegation pertains to a sex crime, the level of fear and anxiety only increases. Our criminal defense lawyers provide quality representation to help protect the rights of our clients and minimize the repercussions they face.

Possible penalties for a sex crime include:

  • Significant prison sentences
  • Large fines
  • Lifelong sex offender registration

When you hire our firm, we will investigate all of the details surrounding your case, including how your property was searched. Regardless of what sex crime you have been accused of, we can help you build a strong defense case.

Our knowledgeable lawyers have extensive experience defending against all types of sex crime charges, including:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Child pornography
  • Internet pornography
  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution
  • Incest
  • Lascivious contact with a minor
  • Sexual exploit by counselor/therapist
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor
  • Elder sexual abuse
  • Assault with intent of sexual abuse

Sex Offender Registry Requirements

In Iowa, convicted sex offenders must register with a public database where anyone can learn the details of their past crime. The duration of the registry requirement will depend on the severity of the crime. While registered, individuals will be restricted as to where they can live and what type of employment they can obtain.

For advice on your particular situation and how you can avoid the life-altering effects of being required to register as a sex offender, reach out to Keegan, Tindal & Mason. Our Iowa City sex crimes are prepared to skillfully guide you through the criminal justice system from start to finish.

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SUCCESSFUL results for our clients

Protecting Your Freedom & Rights
  • Operating While Intoxicated Record Expunged

    Johnson OWCR106890. Attorney Dean Keegan's client received an Operating While Intoxicated, a serious misdemeanor. After reviewing the videos, Mr. Keegan filed a Motion to Suppress arguing the officer denied his client's right to make a phone call. The State declined to present testimony at the hearing and the Motion to Suppress was granted, making the client eligible for a deferred judgment. Mr. Keegan's client will have her record expunged and be able to obtain a license after 90 days instead of 180.

  • Drug Charge Charge Dismissed

    Johnson County No. OWCR039210, Iowa City, Iowa. Attorney J. Dean Keegan conducted a three-day long suppression hearing which presented the first challenge to the "Drug Recognition Protocols" used in Iowa.

  • Embezzlement No Criminal Charges Filed

    Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. An employee of a Cedar Rapids business accused of embezzling six million dollars was not charged criminally after the County Attorney agreed to abide by an agreement negotiated by Attorneys J. Dean Keegan and Jerald Kinnamon in which the accused would pay two million dollars to the company.

  • Vehicular Homicide Charge Dismissed

    Johnson County No. FECR058630- Iowa City, Iowa. Attorneys J. Dean Keegan and Jerald W. Kinnamon successfully challenged the withdrawal of blood from a Defendant without his permission after a rollover accident in which a passenger in the vehicle was killed.

  • Vehicular Homicide Charge Dismissed

    Muscatine County No. FECR03718 - Muscatine, Iowa. If convicted of the vehicular homicide while intoxicated, as alleged in this case, the Defendant would have faced the possibility of a 25-year prison sentence, 17 years of which would have to be served before he would be eligible for parole. Following the depositions of the investigating officer and consultation with an accident reconstruction expert, Attorneys J. Dean Keegan and Jerry Kinnamon negotiated the dismissal of Vehicular Homicide as part of a plea

  • OWI Charge Dismissed

    Johnson County No. OWCR083001 - Iowa City, Iowa. Attorney J. Dean Keegan alleged that the Defendant's rights to contact a lawyer or family member may have been violated after his arrest. He requested video of the breath test from the arresting officer to support his allegation. When the officer failed to produce the video evidence in response written requests, a subpoena, and a Motion to Compel, the State conceded the issue and dismissed the offense.

  • OWI Acquittal at Jury Trial

    Johnson County No. OWCR077717- Iowa City, Iowa. Acquittal at jury trial of a defendant accused of Operating While Intoxicated who refused a breath alcohol test. Tried by Attorney J, Dean Keegan.

  • OWI Case Overturned

    State v. Hornik, Segura, et. al.Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa. When the state of Iowa established that the Datamaster breath testing machine could be used to test subjects being investigated for OWI, it failed to establish a protocol for its proper use. Attorney J. Dean Keegan, in conjunction with the Johnson County Public Defender's Office, mounted a challenge to the use of the machine based on the lack of uniform instructions for its operation.

  • Zero Tolerance Driver's License Revocation Zero Tolerance Driver's License Revocation Overt

    Iowa Dept. of Inspection and Appeals Docket No. 08DOTOW3937. Attorney J. Dean Keegan successfully challenged a "Zero Tolerance" license revocation on the basis that the officer had failed to allow the driver to contact a family member or attorney for legal advice before submitting to the test.

  • OWI 2nd Offense Charge Dismissed

    Muscatine County No. OWCR040280 - Muscatine, Iowa. After Attorney Dean Keegan scheduled the deposition of the State's expert witness in this case, he learned that the breath test was inappropriately administered by the arresting officer. The State dismissed the offense outright and agreed that the breath test result should be inadmissible so the Defendant would not face the proposed one-year administrative revocation of her driver's license.


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