Initiating an Aggressive Defense Against a Violent Crime Charge

There are very few criminal charges that are not taken seriously right away. While the situation is likely to be shocking and stir up emotions, criminal defendants are probably aware of the severity of the situation and the predicament they are currently in. Thus, they are likely to consider the criminal defense options available to them. However, this is the part that can be confusing for some defendants, because it may not be clear what steps they must take, how much it could cost and what type of future they are looking at.

Our attorneys are very forthcoming and honest with our clients. It is our goal to meet the needs of our clients while also providing them a realistic, aggressive defense. Thus, we are dedicated to serving individuals in the Iowa City area by helping them fully understand their charges, penalties they could face, and what defense options are feasible.

Facing a violent crime charge is a very serious and life-altering event. One may not know what to do or realize that one has options to reduce or even dismiss this charge. Our legal team has experience minimizing the consequences associated with criminal charges; thus, we are prepared to apply our knowledge and resources to any case whether it is a murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide charge. With a long history of successfully defending out clients, we are ready to assert a strong and aggressive defense.

We understand that every prosecutor must prove certain elements in order for the defendant to be convicted. Our defense strategies focus on methods to make it impossible to meet these elements, thus helping our clients obtain reduced or dismissed charges.

To learn more, check out our law firm's violent crimes website. Whether you think you are helpless in the situation or not, it is not a lost cause to initiate a defense against a serious charge. This not only helps to better protect your legal rights but also helps to protect your future.

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