Iowa Man Allegedly Flees From Cops and Is Charged with an OWI

Being pulled over by law enforcement is likely an unpleasant experience. However, when police suspect that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, this could give rise to a traffic stop. An OWI charge could result if an officer collects evidence that supports their suspicion. Whether it is your first drunk driving charge or not, it is important to understand the situation at hand and what defense options are available to you.

According to recent reports, an Iowa man was charged with an OWI after he supposedly fled from authorities attempting to pull him over. Officers in Sioux City apparently suspected that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, and sought to conduct a traffic stop. It was just after midnight when authorities attempted to pull the 25-year-old man over.

According to the police a pursuit resulted, as the male driver refused to pull over and he apparently fled from his vehicle at one point. Police officers were able to locate the supposed driver nearby, placing him under arrest. Based on reports, the driver has three prior OWI convictions over the past 7 years. Police indicated that the motorist showed signs of stimulant and marijuana use. He now faces charges for an OWI. It is unclear if he faces any other charges resulting from this incident.

When police officers pursue motorists, whether in a traffic stop or a pursuit, this could result in a traffic violation, such as an OWI. Even though evidence is collected to support the OWI, motorists should understand that not all evidence is credible or viable in the matter. A great criminal defense method is to challenge the legality of evidence, seeking to suppress it.

Criminal defense methods are not one size fits all. Because of this, defendants need to gain a clear picture of their situation. This could help them determine how best to assert a defense while also protecting their rights and interests.

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