Helping You Initiate A Defense Against Felony Charges

Facing criminal charges can be a life-altering situation. The penalties associated with a crime could be extensive, possibly impacting a person for a lifetime. Therefore, it is imperative that defendants not only understand the severity of the matter but also the opportunities they might have to defend themselves against the charges.

When devising a defense strategy against felony charges, criminal defendants in Iowa and elsewhere should be aware of their options when it comes to challenging evidence against them and initiating a defense that could help reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

At J. Dean Keegan, Eric D. Tindal & Andrea Jaeger Attorneys At Law, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system and use this information to zealously advocate for clients. Whether a client has a criminal history or not, we make sure that our clients understand the severity of the situation and how best to aggressively protect his or her rights.

Our law firm understands that there is a process when it comes to charging and arresting individuals. Thus, we begin our representation by examining the details of the charges. If law enforcement missed a step, unlawfully made an arrest or illegally searched and seized, this information could be used in the defense strategy. Our attorneys understand the law and the rights afforded to everyone. Thus, we will utilize all applicable laws when defending our clients.

To learn more, check out our law firm's felonies website. The consequences that follow a criminal conviction can be harsh, impacting the accused for a lifetime. Thus, it is vital that defense options are understood and applied.

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