Driver With 3 Felony Warrants Faces 8 Additional Felonies

Traffic stops are often viewed as inconvenient, if nothing else. No one likes to get pulled over; however, even if a citation is issued, this is minor compared to other criminal charges. Nonetheless, motorists should be aware that something that starts out like a simple traffic stop could turn into a serious criminal matter.

This is what happened recently with an Iowa man in Spencer. Based on preliminary reports, police attempted to make a traffic stop during the early morning hours. Officers supposedly observed a vehicle driving erratically, when they attempted to pull the driver over, the motorist did not stop and led authorities on a pursuit.

The pursuit came to a halt when the driver crashed into a parked vehicle. The 25-year-old male driver fled the scene; however, he was later located and identified. Authorities reported that a female passenger was in the vehicle. She suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Reports suggest that the driver was wanted on three felony warrants. Following this incident, the driver eight additional felony charges, along with other criminal charges. The man will now face the criminal justice system, with the possibility of significant penalties if found guilty.

Those facing serious felony charges should understand their rights. This means fully understanding the charges he or she is facing. This is especially true when a defendant faces multiple charges. Being aware of the elements of the crime could help with a defense action. Ultimately, a criminal defense could help the accused reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges against them.