Man Charged With Felony Theft

Being arrested is a serious situation, not matter the allegations. Whether it is a person's first criminal charge or not, this is a serious situation that should be treated as such. The emotions and concerns surrounding the matter can be overwhelming, causing some to not take immediate or proactive measures; however, no matter the charges or the evidence used against the accused, it is possible to initiate a criminal defense action.

According to recent reports, a man from Jaeger City was charged with felony theft. Preliminary reports indicate that the 22-year-old male was accused of possessing stolen property prior to transferring that property to a friend. Authorities reported that this friend then attempted to pawn the property.

Law enforcement reported that the accused then admitted to an officer that he knew that the property was stolen. Supposedly, he then explained that he was present when the property was stolen. The property in question is valued at more than $1,000.

When an individual is charged with a felony crime, this is a serious matter. This serious matter should be treated as such, serious. By fully understanding the allegations, a defendant can take the time to understand what defense strategies will work for them. Whether that means taking a plea or going to trial, it means being well-informed of their options and the process he or she is undergoing.

By taking an aggressive approach, a defendant not only protects their rights but also helps with the reduction and dismissal of the charges. This in turn helps a defendant avoid harsh penalties that could impact their future for years to come.