Man Faces Criminal Charges Including A Felony After Car Chase

In Cedar Rapids and throughout Iowa, people might view criminal allegations as having to do with violence, theft and sex-related crimes. There are many others including traffic violations. They might not sound serious on their face, but they can lead to major penalties if there is a conviction. When there are motor vehicle violations, it will frequently be classified as driving under the influence or being cited for speeding and other traffic issues. However, if a driver commits traffic violations and flees from law enforcement, there can be serious long-term consequences after a conviction. These can even rise to felonies making it even more difficult. Getting legal representation when arrested on these charges is imperative to lodging a strong defense.

A 25-year-old man was arrested for several traffic offenses including a felony for eluding law enforcement after a high-speed chase. The incident began when police tried to stop the man's vehicle. He fled and drove at speeds beyond 100-mph. As they continued the chase, the vehicle pulled off the interstate and was finally brought to a stop when traffic spikes were placed in the roadway to flatten his tires. When the man was checked, officers believed he was under the influence of drugs. They examined his record and found that he also had outstanding warrants. He was arrested and charged with multiple offenses including eluding law enforcement, OWI and other traffic violations. Many of the warrants were related to driving-related offenses.

When confronted with criminal allegations, having legal advice is one of the most important parts of crafting a viable defense. Although allegations of speeding, eluding law enforcement and OWI are serious, they are not as severe as violence and major theft. There are avenues to formulate a defense and perhaps limit the jail time or avoid it completely with plea bargaining. Since a conviction of any kind can negatively impact a person's personal and professional life, the first call that should be made after an arrest is to an experienced attorney.

A driver who was about to be subjected to a traffic stop and investigation decided to flee. The chase reached significant speeds and the man was eventually caught and arrested. He now faces several charges including a felony for eluding police. Despite the litany of criminal charges he is dealing with along with the outstanding warrants, he must protect himself and his interests by discussing the case with a law firm that has a history of defending people facing felony charges and more.