Ways to Avoid Losing a Driver's License After Multiple Tickets

People in Iowa who have been hit with a serious traffic ticket, or several infractions over a short span of time, or are accused of a serious crime related to driving may be facing the possibility of losing their driver's license. But it may not be inevitable, so they should take the time to explore their options. To do this, they should think about calling an experienced Iowa defense attorney who can explain some of the options available to them, regardless of whether they may have made mistakes.

Of course, just like any alleged crime, the police are required to prove the facts to secure a conviction. For most serious traffic infractions, an individual has the right to a trial and potentially a jury trial, so if the circumstances surrounding the alleged infraction are in question, it may be worth exploring the option of fighting the charges.

Secondly, a person may want to consider entering into a diversion program. Iowa has a driver's improvement program which may allow an individual with numerous serious infractions to keep their driver's license by agreeing to attend a driver's education course. If they attend the course and are able to abstain from getting future traffic tickets for another year, the possibility of a license suspension goes away. But if they don't complete the improvement program or they get another ticket, they could face an immediate suspension.

People who are convicted of an OWI, driving with a suspended license, or are labeled as a habitual violator may face serious consequences in addition to losing their driver's license. These consequences may include jail time, increased insurance requirements, and other long-term penalties. Thus, individuals in this situation need to take it seriously and consider reaching out for the assistance of an experienced Iowa defense attorney.

Source: Iowa DOT "Driver Improvement Program" accessed Feb. 23, 2015

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