Taking Action Against Drunk Driving Charges in Iowa City

People who have recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated often go through something similar to the five stages of grief. They may start off in denial, unable to process the situation and the potential consequences. They will often also experience anger, and become angry at the police who arrested them, angry for the friends they were with when the incident happened, and even angry at the universe for allowing them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Still, by the time the person reaches the third stage, bargaining, most people realize it's time they do something about dealing with the charges against them. One move these people can make is to call an experienced Iowa City criminal defense attorney. J. Dean Keegan have handled numerous OWI cases and other criminal charges of varying seriousness, but one thing remains the same, which is their commitment to helping their clients beat or minimize the charges against them.

People who are concerned about the cost of an attorney should know that criminal convictions have a cost as well. The cost of a conviction isn't always immediately apparent, but it could easily cost a person significantly in their lifetimes, both personally and financially. Of course there are fines and penalties to be paid, as well as restitution to alleged victims, and it could mean losing your driver's license. There is also the cost of having a criminal record, which could mean the difference between getting into the school you want to attend or getting the job you want. A criminal conviction could even compromise some of your most important relationships with friends, family and significant others.

As experienced DUI defense attorney, J. Dean Keegan understand the high stakes involved in every criminal case, which is why they are committed to each of their clients and their best interests. They are accepting new clients today, so those who are ready to take action against drunk driving charges can call to set up a free initial consultation.