Helping Defendants Fight a Felony Charge

Facing serious criminal charges can have a lasting impact on a person's life. Such a situation not only impacts the accused's record, but could also harm a defendant's personal and professional reputation. Allegations alone have the tendency to damage; therefore, those facing felony charges should not only take the matter serious, but also take immediate action to initiate a criminal defense.

It can be an overwhelming experience being charged with a felony crime. However, defendants should note that they are afforded rights and opportunities to fight these accusations. At our law firm, we are devoted to helping individuals in the Iowa City area understand the criminal process and the criminal defense options available to them.

In order to develop a strong and successful defense strategy, our law firm focuses on the needs and goals of our clients. We tailor our representation to the objectives of our clients after they have been informed of their situation, the available options and the potential consequences.

With the help of witness accounts and expert testimony, we often are able to help our clients support their defense action. Taking such steps could help a defendant suppress evidence against them, resulting in reduced or dismissed charges.

To learn more, please visit our law firm's felonies website. While these criminal charges have the tendency to carry the most severe penalties, our law firm takes an aggressive approach for our clients. This can help defendants in Iowa reach an optimal situation, protecting their rights and interests throughout the process.

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