Murder Defenses Exist When Premeditation Is Not Involved

There are different felony charges that fall under the general crime of murder. For example, when an Iowan is charged with planning a person's killing and then executing the alleged crime, they may be charged with first degree murder. If the individual is charged with intentionally killing someone but not with having premeditated the crime, their charge may be second degree murder.

Second degree murder charges are very serious but individuals who must confront these difficult allegations do have defense options that may help them protect their rights and freedom. This post will discuss several second degree murder defenses but as with all of the information articles included on this criminal defense blog, the contents contained herein should not be read as legal advice.

One defense to second degree murder that may apply to a person's case is innocence. This is the most complete defense that a person may offer as it admits no guilt and overcomes claims of both the individual's alleged intention to kill the person as well as their actions to commit the crime. Proof of innocence may bring a person's second degree murder trial to an end.

Another possible defense that a person may put forth at trial is self-defense. A claim of self-defense causes a person to admit that their actions led to the other individual's death. However, the defense provides an explanation that justifies the actions of the accused party and demonstrates that their actions were necessary to protect their own life from being taken.

Insanity, intoxication and other possible defenses exist to claims of second degree murder. Iowans who face these overwhelmingly serious legal charges should not take on their legal battles alone. Criminal defense attorneys can provide invaluable guidance and support for individuals who are charged with serious violent crimes.

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