Is Marijuana Legal in Iowa?

In the last several years states all across the nation have taken affirmative steps to legalize the possession of marijuana in some limited capacities. While some states allow for the medicinal use of the substance for individuals who may benefit from it as a treatment, others have approved the recreational use of marijuana in limited quantities. Iowa has taken neither of these steps and has on its books only a very narrow permissible use of a marijuana derivative.

Cannabidiol is an extract that is taken from the marijuana plant. The state has approved the use of cannabidiol in patients who suffer from intractable epilepsy but not for anyone else. If a person with intractable epilepsy is found to be in possession of cannabidiol they may still be arrested for possession.

Marijuana possession charges can be very serious and it is not only Iowa law that a person must concern themselves with when they inquire into the possible criminal penalties they may face for a drug charge arrest. Federal marijuana laws often conflict with state laws and even in states where recreational marijuana use is permitted individuals in possession may still be in violation of federal drug laws.

Iowa City residents who are facing drug charges and specifically those based on the possession or distribution of marijuana should be aware of the consequences they may face if convicted of their alleged crimes. The sale of marijuana is considered a felony in Iowa and depending upon the quantity of the drug the individual is charged with selling their punishment could involve decades of jail time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

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