Don't Let a Drunk Driving Charge Derail Your New Year

During the holiday season law enforcement officials throughout Iowa are on the lookout for men and women who may be driving their vehicles while intoxicated. Between holiday get-togethers with loved ones and nights out with friends and co-workers individuals can find themselves in the difficult situation of needing to get home but having had an alcoholic drink.

When a law enforcement official arrests a person based on the suspicion of drunk driving they believe that they have sufficient proof of the driver's intoxication to make the arrest and turn it over to a prosecutor to have the charges proven under the law. However, it is possible for law enforcement officials to make mistakes and to make erroneous arrests based either on wrong information or evidence that was not properly collected under the law.

When a driver goes to court to defend themselves against the charges lodged against them they should prepare themselves with accurate facts and supportive defenses that disclaim the serious legal claims brought by prosecutors. A properly crafted defense strategy to a drunk driving arrest may allow a person to avoid criminal sanctions or to reduce the seriousness of the penalties that they must face for their alleged conduct.

Attorneys J. Dean Keegan & Eric Tindal are available to individuals who have been arrested forĀ drunk drivingĀ in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and the surrounding communities. They recognize the legal challenges that drunk driving convictions impose on the futures of those who must suffer them and work to support their clients through aggressive drunk driving defense strategies.

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