A Violent Crime Charge Can Be a Life-Altering Legal Dilemma

Violent crimes are generally those criminal allegations that involve force against others and that result in bodily injury to the alleged victims. Murder, rape and assault all may be considered violent crimes and when an Iowa City resident is charged with one of these or other serious criminal allegations the lives that they know may be immediately altered. Depending upon the severity of their alleged crime a person may be taken into custody and not permitted release prior to their trial.

As such the mere claims of violence against a person by their accuser may change the course of a person's life. If they are unable to make bail or are unable to receive a bail amount they could lose their freedom even before they have been convicted of their alleged crimes. From the beginning of a serious criminal legal matter it can help for a person to have legal representation that will fight for their rights.

Attorney J. Dean Keegan understand that challenges that face individuals who are charged with committing violent crimes. This is because both are committed to the criminal defense representation of Iowans who have come up against criminal allegations and who have experienced the many serious difficulties that arise when violent crime allegations are involved.

Criminal defenses do exist to many of the serious violent crimes codified in the state's statutes, some of which everyday men and women may not be familiar with. Attorney Keegan is available for consultation with people who have been charged with violent crimes and are prepared to advocate for their clients' legal needs and rights.

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