Ketamine And Drug Charges

Drugs available to the general public have specific uses. When used in the manner they were intended, drugs can work effectively and are legally used. However, when drugs, prescription or not, are used in ways they were not designed, this could pose some legal issues. This is especially true for drugs that cause dependency and are thus sold for this purpose. Therefore, when a person is accused of possessing or selling such substances, he or she could face criminal penalties.

Take for example ketamine. This is an anesthetic drug used on humans and animals and can be found in both powdered and liquid form. Because of these effects, ketamine was placed on the U.S.'s list of controlled substances in 1999. It is listed under the schedule III category under the Controlled Substance Act. Those listed in this category are deemed substances that have less potential for abuse but can lead to dependency, which in turn results in unlawful possession and sales.

Both state and federal laws regulate controlled substances like ketamine. Thus, when a person is accused of possessing or selling this substance, he or she could face fines and even jail time by local, state and federal law enforcement. Because the penalties can be harsh, it is important that those facing such a charge understand their defense options. This means considering whether a lawful search and seizure occurred or if there are defense opportunities to suppress the evidence against them.

Possession of a controlled substance could result in serious consequences if a conviction results. Depending on the circumstance, the amount in question and other factors, a defendant may endure penalties such as a fine or even jail time. Therefore, it is important to note that all defendants are afforded the right to assert a criminal defense. Doing so not only helps to protect his or her rights but also provides the opportunity to reduce or dismiss the charges against the accused.

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