Juvenile Diversion Program in Johnson County

Many people associate a person's young age with being naïve. This might be true in some cases; however, being young does not essentially mean they do not deserve to be heard, taken seriously or given another chance. Thus, when juveniles are faced with criminal charges, it is important to considered his or her situation and what can be done to ensure his or her adulthood is benefited.

Because the criminal penalties associated with drug crimes can be harsh, it is vital to consider defense strategies that could reduce the impact these criminal consequences could have. This might mean considering the option to use the juvenile diversion program. This program is designed for juveniles in Iowa and elsewhere that have not committed prior offenses and are charged with less serious offenses. This program essentially gives the juvenile a second chance.

When the program is successfully completed, the charges against the juvenile offender are dismissed without having any guilt on his or her record. The diversion program typically lasts four to six months; however, it could last nine to 12 months or even longer is the charges are more serious or social changes are needed.

The conditions associated with this diversion program are very basic. They include roughly eight to 10 conditions. This includes the requirement to not violate the law, attend school, obey his or her parents, comply with any non-association clause, make amends with any victims involved, attend any necessary education group such as drug and alcohol treatment and perform community service hours.

Because a teens life is just starting, it is important to consider ways to make sure a poor decision in his or her youth does not negatively impact their adulthood. When faced with drug charges, it is important to consider a juvenile diversion program as a means to avoid harsh criminal penalties.

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