Helping You Assert A Defense Against Drug Charges

There are certain Iowa criminal charges that can cause the accused to suffer serious consequences even when the matter seems minor. For example, the possession of a controlled substance could warrant harsh penalties depending on the type, quantity and criminal history of the accused. In other words, a minor possession charge could carry with it a significant criminal penalty if the defendant has several drug convictions on their record. Thus, it is always important to treat every drug charge seriously, even if it appears to be minor.

At J. Dean Keegan, Eric D. Tindal, & Andrea Jaeger, Attorneys at Law, our experienced attorneys understand the ins and outs of drug charges. We know that these charges can typically stem from traffic stops and other situations that can lead to the search of a person, vehicle or residence. Therefore, we are always prepared to look at the details of this search, noting whether it was legal executed or not.

An unlawful search and seizure can help our clients obtain reduced charges or even dismiss them entirely. Because of this, our law firm looks carefully at the facts of the case to determine if we can take such a defense route. Simply put, if law enforcement does not follow protocol and procedures outlining the search and seizure process, it is possible to suppress certain or all evidence obtained.

To learn more, check out our law firm's drug charges website. It may not always be apparent that an individual has defense options; however, anyone accused of a drug crime has the right to assert a defense. This can help reduce and even prevent a person from enduring criminal penalties, making it a crucial step to take.