Helping You Develop A Strong Criminal Defense

It is a difficult situation to be in, being accused of a serious criminal allegation. It is overwhelming and emotional for the accused, casing them to be unsure how to move forward. While it may seem like the state has piled up evidence against you, the reality is that not all of this evidence will stick. It is possible to poke holes in the case, helping the accused clear their name.

Initiating a criminal defense can be challenging, but it is a vital step to take. By understanding the process better, defendants are able to take the necessary steps. At J Dean Keegan, Eric D. Tindal, Attorneys at law, our law firm takes the time to ensure our clients fully understand their matter and are aware of their defense options.

Our attorneys take the time to sort through the evidence of the case, uncovering gaps and understanding where investigation should be focused. We also determine how evidence was collected and whether it was obtained lawfully. This can help with the suppression of evidence, which ultimately could help with the reduction or dismissal of charges. Lastly, we explain to our clients the potential penalties of the charges. This helps them understand what defense options to take and whether a plea bargain may be an option.

To learn more, check out our law firm's criminal defense website. While it is a difficult situation to be in, it is vital to address criminal charges head on. It is the best way to ensure his or her rights are protected and harsh penalties are avoided.