DOJ Cracking Down on Federal Drug Crimes

In August of 2019, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it had brought 41 charges against people involved in alleged drug crimes. Law enforcement officials claimed that doctors, pharmacists, clinic owners, and pharmacy managers were involved in dispensing drugs from “pill mills.” They allege that the individuals provided patients with prescription opioids when no such medication was needed.

Investigators stated that in one case, a pharmacist in Texas provided the second-highest amount of oxycodone in the greatest prescribable amount. They allege that the medications dispensed from this, and other pill mills throughout the country, made their way into the hands of drug dealers and traffickers. The substances were then distributed on the streets.

Federal Law Enforcement Thoroughly Pursuing Cases

The DOJ claimed that the individuals involved in pill mill operations were more concerned with making money than with the health of the people they were serving or of the citizens of the country. As such it said it would relentlessly pursue such matters, working reducing the number of illegally prescribed opioids being distributed across the nation.

Unlawful Dispensing or Legitimate Prescriptions?

Although the DOJ’s investigation and prosecution of alleged drug offenses seek to address the country’s opioid crisis, innocent individuals could unknowingly get caught up in a pill mill operation and be charged with a federal crime. The crackdown is targeting those in the medical field who allegedly exploited their positions and dispensed unnecessary drugs. However, many doctors, pharmacists, and other practitioners might legitimately be prescribing medications to help individuals with health conditions.

Punishments for Drug Offenses

The penalties for a federal drug crime conviction depend on the type and amount of a substance, as well as whether or not the person has past convictions or was working with others. If found guilty, a person could spend decades in prison and face millions of dollars in fines.

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