OWI/DUI Defense For Out-Of-State Drivers

Iowa City is a college town, home to thousands of out-of-state students, and the Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska borders are only a short drive away. As a result, many drivers charged with OWI/DUI in Eastern Iowa do not have Iowa driver's licenses. Out-of-state drivers face many of the same consequences of OWI/DUI as Iowa drivers and, depending on the laws of your home state, you may also face penalties at home.

Navigating the requirements of various jurisdictions can be confusing, but attorneys J. Dean Keegan and Thomas D.S. Farnsworth have experience representing out-of-state drivers charged with OWI/DUI in Iowa.

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How We Can Help Defend Your Driving Privileges

Our lawyers are not licensed to practice in surrounding states, but they understand the pitfalls of receiving an Iowa OWI/DUI when your license is from Illinois or another neighboring state. Attorneys J. Dean Keegan and Thomas D.S. Farnsworth have helped many out-of-state clients fight OWI/DUI charges, while minimizing the need for clients to travel to Iowa for court appearances and other appointments. Additionally, Mr. Keegan's membership in the National College of Drunk Driving Defense provides access to skilled OWI/DUI attorneys across the country.

Iowa OWI/DUIs Affect Your Ability To Work And Study

The state of Iowa does not have the authority to revoke your out-of-state driver's license, but it can revoke your nonresident operating privileges, which is a serious issue if you are a student living in Iowa or must travel to Iowa for business. Your driving privileges will not be reinstated until you have met all of the court's requirements, including paying fines or surcharges. This is why an effective OWI/DUI defense lawyer is so important for out-of-state drivers.

In his decades of experience as a defense attorney, J. Dean Keegan has helped many out-of-state drivers fight OWI/DUI charges. Thomas D.S. Farnsworth's nearly 10 years of experience has helped many out-of-state drivers fight OWI/DUI charges.

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