Defending Against Drug Possession Charges

People who are charged with drug possession in Iowa have some difficult choices to make and, unfortunately, sometimes only a short amount of time to make them. Some people don't know who they can rely on for help in this scary situation, but they also know that they don't want to take any chances when they are fighting for their freedom.

People in this type of situation need to ask themselves several important questions. What will be the cost of getting convicted? Will a conviction on my criminal record keep me from getting or keeping the job I want or attending the school of my dreams? Will I face jail time or have to pay fines, restitution costs and other penalties if I am convicted? After weighing the costs of the alternatives, planning on the right approach to the criminal case can make a big difference.

At our law firm we are committed to helping our clients in their time of greatest need. When the deck is stacked against the defendant and the seemingly endless resources of law enforcement and the district attorney are aimed squarely at securing a conviction, we try to be the type of law firm our clients can depend on. We typically do a consultation with the defendant, getting their side of the story and finding weaknesses in the state's case against them. We have taken cases all the way to jury trials, which can be an option when defending against drug charges.

At our law firm we attempt to give our clients an honest assessment of their case and recommendations for future actions. We not only try to keep our clients informed, we also listen and work with our clients every step of the way.

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