A Drug Conviction in Iowa Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Charges of drug possession or trafficking carry serious penalties in Iowa. Even a first offense of possession of a small amount of marijuana can lead to a jail sentence and a hefty fine of up to $1000. Drug trafficking carries even more severe penalties.

In addition to the criminal penalties, a drug conviction can result in significant non-judicial consequences. For a college student, a drug conviction can lead to the loss of federal student aid. Given the high cost of college today, that can bring a promising college career to an end.

Anyone arrested for a drug offense has the right to fight the charges in court. If one can persuade the court that the arrest arose from an unconstitutional search, or that the prosecution's evidence of possession or distribution is insufficient, the charges should be dismissed. In cases involving sales to an undercover police officer carrying out a sting operation, entrapment can sometimes be a successful defense.

At our law firm we have successfully defended many individuals accused of serious drug offenses. Whether the substance involved is marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamine or prescription painkillers, we know how to argue the law and the rules of evidence in defense of our clients. In a jury trial we understand the importance of cross-examining police officers and other prosecution witnesses to create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. For more on how we can help those accused of drug distribution or possession in Iowa, please visit our Eastern Iowa Drug Offense Lawyers web page.

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